Inside Out – Open for Inspection!

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Late last year I was lucky enough to be invited to Inside Out magazine’s ‘Open for Inspection’ open house.  The newly renovated home is located in Sydney’s northern beaches and it is a beaut!  Though all white everything is not usually my thing, I could totally appreciate the vibrance added by a fresh lick of paint from floor to ceiling.  Speaking of the ceiling, the exposed wood beams were hands down my favourite aspect of the design, adding an additional layer of airiness to the space.  You can’t see the view from these images, but rest assured, it was spectacular.  The home was built in a perfect symmetry internally and with the landscape; it was almost as if when you looked out on the balcony you didn’t know where the house ended and the outdoors began.  Something I found intriguing with the details as well, were the lights in this main room that all faced upwards, so as to reflect off the white ceiling and not be beaming down too brightly…something that irks me on the daily in my own little apartment.  This is one thing I would definitely consider if I were to own and do a little renovating myself one day.

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The bedrooms were crisp, white, cosy perfection decked out in lush Sheridan linens throughout – yes, please!.  I wouldn’t mind waking up here 😉

IOT0316_HOPEN_09 copyThe master ensuite had some lovely, streamlined situations as well, such as the gorgeous grey marble and the *almost* clawfoot tub.  Yummm.  You can see there was no shortage of natural light with gorgeous, large windows in every room of the house.

Thank you for having me team Inside Out!

Photography:  Simon Whitbread  Styling: Maria Dyoniziak  Architect: Daniel Raymond

The times, they are a changin’.

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Hello all!  Huge apologies for not being around much over the last month or so.  As you might have gathered, pregnancy took it’s toll on me and now a little bundle has arrived…and I have been adjusting to that too.

Remy Lux Nelius is here and he is beautiful!

As I learn the ropes of motherhood, I will be easing back into the blogosphere as well.  Thank you for your patience with me and of course, your constant support of The Transcontinental Affair.

Stay tuned for nursery updates – it’s looking pretty cute in there :)



DIY: mini wall hanging

Q95A5406These days it seems the wall of any bohemian home loves a woven tapestry (or two or three…), so I thought to share with you how to make your own super simple DIY wall hanging. I made a mini one for time purposes mostly, but if you really get into it, you can go bigger and better and more elaborate if you’d like.  Q95A5253-2

What you’ll need:

Cardboard – cut to the approximate size that you would like your final weaving to be.

Thick plastic sewing needle (more fun for the whole family this way, kids can get involved)

Scissors – paper scissors for cardboard, fabric scissors for wool (these are the kind of rules I live by, ha!).

Wool – in colors of your choice.  I started with 3 to keep it simple.

A fork – this will make sense, I promise 😉

wallhanging21) Cut even slits along two opposing sides of your cardboard.  Make sure they are as even as possible both across from one another and indent lengthwise.

2) Wrap your base wool color through each slit and all around your cardboard, tying the loose ends in a knot at the back for some security for when you’re weaving (this doesn’t have to be pretty…we will just make sure the front side does).

wallhanging3) Weave your threaded needle over and under and over and under (etc.) from one end of your base thread to the other, then weave your way back.

Q95A52794) Everytime you make your way back twice, use your fork to push your woven threads together so that your weaving is nice and tight at the end (and also, so you don’t end up seeing your base color).  See, the fork makes sense now!

wallhanging35) When you are done allllll the weaving you can and you’ve run out of base thread and cardboard space, turn your board over and cut the base thread up the middle.

6) Then you pull each adjacent thread out of the slits and tie them together in a knot.

7) Tidy up any loose or messy ends by giving it a nice, even haircut at the end.

Q95A5377And there you have it, your mini wall hanging…or…I tried mine as a cute little pot plant coaster.Q95A5399Think beyond this simple version if you’re feeling creative and try adding some tassels to the ends or sequins, beads.  They make a great little family project; you can hang them at home or give them as a sweet handmade gift.

Will you be making one soon?  Have fun!

Photography: Dara Tippapart  Project, production & styling: Nicole Valentine Don

With a cherry on top.


Anyone else in LOVe with the Miu Miu‘s first fragrance packaging?  There is something about the colour combination of light blue and an orangey red, plus that strong circular shape mixed with the softness of the quilted base.  Add a hint of garish gold and we have a winner!  To me, it seems at once both modern and retro.  I loved stumbling upon the same look in a couple of interiors; it works, right?

153b0bdedff308f2e5d93b5256895cc4 c66745c92b8fd6bc3174970190630176The blue hue isn’t the same here, but that bright red circle packs the same powerful punch, no?  I totally want to do this above my *dream-couch now!

Photo credits: Miu Miu, StudioPepe, AD Espana, Oct. 2012