Laundry day.


My last post on curtained doorways had me reminiscing about the romance of Europe, pouring over old travel photos and remembering the charm of all the clean laundry you see hanging out in the streets.  I’ve lived in two countries (Canada and Australia) where the cultural norm is to hang your laundry in private…in the backyard usually, if you’re not using the dryer…some places even go so far as to ban hanging your washing out on the balcony or outdoors as it is deemed ‘unsightly’.  Say what?! I love the low-key look of fresh laundry hanging out to dry, if it’s clean, what’s the problem with showing it off? 😉

5bb54ae4c35197fc01e4f2bdd836a7ec 5c37b25e5b54847cc4486fd5324250d0   28f70869dd5cf41a33a9009a4d4f7fbd2d3c8da5340d75c13b23bdbc0e8311fb   849ca2a0e87bb110d9c8da102dba0bdd   98775671bdc317d85b2adcdcd681e2a7  p1020377257a9ea85575400f8fd68198314905f89937e6bea719a555b19711e8f1e9729eThe last images are actually of Morocco.  I loved stumbling upon this final photo on Pinterest and fondly remembering how I saw this drying technique all along the Moroccan landscape on our drive from Marrakech to the Sahara.

Personally, I try to hang my washing out on the line as often as possible, rarely choosing to use the dryer unless absolutely necessary.  For me, it’s mostly an environmental concern, but with the added bonus of that delightful crisp feeling of linens fresh from the line.  I love it!

What about you?

Photo credits: 1) Irene Suchocki 2) Augusta Rosa 3) Liza Medvedeva 4) Dacre 5) @Sanneb10 6) Erdna 7 & 8) Nicole Valentine Don here & here 9) Local Milk 10) Anders Wïkstrom

Interiors Round-Up: 9 Curtained Doorways


Every time this above image comes up in my Pinterest feed, my jaw drops a little bit.  Something about the pop of red, the loose feel of the space, the rattan furniture, plus I’m a huge sucker for anything polkadot these days.  There is a special romance that comes with a curtained doorway, non?


It reminded me of these gorgeous stripey versions I stumbled upon during my time in Tuscany.


A curtained doorway, plus plants growing wild and a cozy pup add that romantic feeling I was talking about.


Don’t overlook a curtain as a softer option to separate rooms indoors as well.  A solid colour can be both subtle and striking.


I adore the moon motif on this Japanese noren style curtain.


Split your options by flanking the doorway with two favourite tapestries, like I did above for The Jungalow.

q95a9335Don’t forget to leave a bit of slack for that dramatic draping effect.

What do you think?  Would you forgo the standard door for a curtain somewhere in your home?

Photo credits: 1) Apartment Therapy 2 & 3) Nicole Valentine Don 4) Source unknown 5) M.K. Sadler 6) Design Sponge  7) Design Sponge  8) Dara Tippapart Styling: Nicole Valentine Don

For the home love: Mobiles


Ever since I knew I’d be getting a space ready for a baby, I inevitably started thinking about mobiles.  What I really like is the idea of a mobile outside the nursery though; an Alexander Calder type modern piece in the living room would be incredible.  This above image of Heidi Middleton at home in Paris has got the right idea…along with the herringbone hardwood floors, blue velvet settee, gorgeous walls, high ceilings and an outfit that would make Carrie Bradshaw swoon, yada, yada, yada.  The mobile is a winner though; the scale of it and the simple colour scheme of greys, blue, black and a hint of pink.


Inspired by this stunning Calder piece in the New Mexico home of Georgia O’Keeffe perhaps?


I did get all the materials necessary to make a Matisse inspired mobile of my own, but haven’t quite finished it yet (it’s still on my list, so I will share soon!).

mobiles_500There are plenty of beautiful mobiles out there for your home or baby’s room if you want to go traditional, as were rounded up in the most recent issue of Inside Out magazine.  I think my favourite is the brass number, 5th from the left.  Which is yours?

Photo credits: 1) Candice Lake 2) Myron Wood (1921- 1999) 3) PukaPuka  4) Sam McAdam-Cooper Styling: Jessica Hanson *check out her whole website, seriously :::swoon:::



Most Wanted: Castle and Things.


I’ve been crushing on CASTLE by: Rachel Castle wares for some time now…if I could deck out my entire bedroom and my baby’s in it, I would.  Let’s not even start on her GoRgEoUs & fun linen collection right now though, top of my list are her felt embroideries.  OMG, yes.  I just scrolled through about 200 of them on her site (99% of which are sold) and honest to goodness, loved every last one.  I’ve been coveting one for like, ever, so have recently decided to invest in a special commissioned one for Remy’s first birthday (gives me time to save and decide what he’d like).

So, the classic look is colourful capital letters on white.


Sometimes on black.


Simplicity is really nice, especially rounded out with a love heart.


I just adored this over the top piece; it was definitely one of a kind!


On the other end of the spectrum was this bi-coloured option.  This is really nice because the colour is calm, but the words are pretty high voltage.


I love this random one.  Rachel is really great at random; owns it.


I think my favourite look is the skinnier lettering with a heart here and there.

21-heart-960web-942x1024I’m pretty much a sucker for hearts any time, anywhere.

Anyway, how good is she?  This is just one avenue of her artistic endeavours too!  She does linens, clothing, sculptures, prints, paintings…and she is pretty much a comedian- follow her instagram to have a gander at her creative goodies and a serious giggle at her daily musings.