Gender neutral baby nursery with pops of colour!


If you can believe it, this room is my minimalist approach to styling. I thought it was a calm and subdued space, but I can see from the images that I’ve managed to create another colourful, eclectic room. I put together this room before our baby was born and we did not know the gender, so I wanted to keep it neutral…but as you can see I’m not a neutral kind of girl…when it comes to colour at least. It started with a bright, gallery white canvas and the colours evolved to include a lot of turquoise, bright orange and red. I love it! My husband said that if it had any more feminine elements it could be too girly, but right now it’s just right! Read More

BeMUSED by Little Tienda.


All my life I’ve fantasized about being someone’s muse…the thought of being an artistic inspiration to someone like in the books I’ve read and from movies, seems so romantic to me.  I was thrilled to be asked to be part of my friend Emily of Little Tienda‘s muse series; it’s not quite the same, but I’ll take it anyway.  Swanning around the house in her gorgeous new range of sunny dresses, linen tops, pants & jumpsuits plus one of a kind vintage pieces?  Si, por favor!  Musing has never been easier.  Now, for Mick Jagger to pen a song about me…ha.  Read More

Little Nicki’s L.A. Guide

littlenickilaguideI’ve been to L.A. a few times now, but this last trip was the best one yet by far…a lot to do with my company – husband, best friend and my beautiful baby, but I also think I owe a lot to the amazing round-up of recommendations I got from friends in the know.  I wanted to share with you my insider’s guide to a stellar trip to the City of Angels.  First things first… Read More

Cut up fruit.


I’ve been noticing a nod to the fruity popping up everywhere recently and I am loving it.  I’m especially digging the rudimentary cut-out style of tutti frutti goodness I keep seeing.  It must be that it’s warming up Down Under, the freshness of summer is in the air; plus the childhood throwbacks to lazy carefree days in the look of cut and paste.  I’m imagining sitting on the kitchen floor with glue stuck fingers for some reason?


This Slowdown Studio throw is SO perfect for a beachy hang, afternoon picnic or even cozying up after dusk.  They are the most versatile light weave that still has that weight to them that we all love (I need my blankets to lay a bit of pressure on me).  Out of these limited run artist designed prints, this above collaboration with Daniel Fletcher is my favourite (so far…).  Because, fruit 😉

dsc00810_1_1024x1024   screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-7-28-03-pm screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-7-29-57-pm24caf6e45d5fbedcfa3ed6af33768b24

Photo credits: 1) Daniel Fletcher 2) Slowdown Studio 3) Marnie Glider 4 & 5) Monica E. Lynch 6) Vitsoe & The Gourmand