I heart these things.


Jess’s first post of the year is a peek into the things that have been inspiring her…

Hi! 2017 is somehow waaaay behind us already and 2018 is on us like a librarian chasing late fees.

Hopefully your holidays gave you enough quiet time to turn your attention to things you enjoy; things that calmed you or those that energized you in the ways that you needed.

My little staycation gave me that time. I spent lots of time outdoors and had naps (and yes, I ate and drank too much) but I also used the break to immerse myself in other peoples ideas- I read and image hunted, listened to podcasts and music, and watched documentaries and movies. I love culture and the idea of ideas! It motivates me and keeps my brain ticking. I have pulled together three things in the world of (popular) culture that I have recently loved. Read More