Inspired by: DESIGNLOVEFEST X Gorman


I’ve been following DesignLoveFest since I first discovered blogs yeaaarrrrsss ago now. It is the passion project of Bri Emery and never ceases to inspire. I especially love her honesty and openness when it comes to her personal life and creative process.

She has just shared the most amazing collaborative work with photographer friend Jesse Chamberlin and candid story of how it came to be, along with the concept behind the gorgeous, meticulously well-scripted shoot. Read More

Most Wanted List: Lauren Bamford Photography


You know when you suddenly feel re-inspired by or newly obsessed with someone you’ve actually known for awhile? Well, I was lucky enough to spend the other week working with the incredible photographer Lauren Bamford (*she shot my house a couple of years ago now) and now I can’t get enough of her work! From shooting together I learned that she knows a lot about light and how to use it to really make her images sing. Her still life series with Stephanie Stamatis is so stunning, but it’s her unique approach to travel photography that I really, really love. She has a such a beautiful eye and captures the quirks of the places she’s visited so well, almost by celebrating the absurd and seemingly mundane. They all hold a special delicately playful quality. She shoots lot of film as well, which is mostly what I’ve been drawn to.  Read More

I heart.


Somehow, I’ve fallen for a series of fashionable goodies with a very clear through line – the heart motif. A symbol of love and reminiscent of school days; innocent crushes and unnecessary cutesy flair above our ‘i’s.

This sweater is ahmazing, but with the price tag…I would probably go with something a little more low-key. Good thing I love everything The Knitter does!


These earrings have been on my wish list for quite some time now…and Mother’s Day is just around the corner 😉  I could totally rock a single on occasion, but would want two – one for each ear!

ER_heart_2048x2048Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 6.32.36 pm

This little ring would be so sweet on its own.  Plain, in rose gold or yellow.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 6.32.22 pm

It’s always hard to resist a monogram though. ‘R’ for my littlest love.

1) The Knitter 2) Elvis et Moi 3) Catbird NYC


Be Still, Life.


Last week, photographer Jacqui Turk and I caught up after a mini break and shot some fun still life images together. The only detail in the brief was ‘fruit’ and to have a play; here’s what we came up with on the day. Luckyily, my extremely talented friend and neighbour, ceramicist Alana Wilson shared a selection of her works with us for the shoot as well.

The funniest thing to me is how calm and still (of course) these pictures are…but, if only you could see the utter chaos going on around us. Mess everywhere and a baby rolling around below the tripod, hanging from our pant legs, eating our props…  Read More