Peace Please.


I was desperately trying to find this stunning image earlier in the month when millions of people around the world participated in the Women’s March (myself and baby included), because it spoke to me.  I’ve only just stumbled upon it again now.  This beautiful picture was captured by Jamie Street and is available to purchase in print by @eventidecollective with all proceeds going to the American Civil Liberties Union. Personally, I’m pretty tempted to add this to my gallery wall.  What about you?

Have a peaceful weekend everyone xo

Pretty Pairs.


Pins that make you go: hmmmmm.

I love it when my Pinterest boards start to reveal to me a certain colour combination I might be liking lately or just when pins look like they belong together by chance. I’ve shared similar moments before, here, here & here, though I think these are my most sophisticated pairings yet. ‘Just because’ moments like this always make me smile a little inside. Read More

At Home With: Emica Penklis of Loco Love

Little Nicki_Emica_by_Luisa Brimble-230

Meet Emica: a naturopath, nutritionist, eating psychology coach and founder of Loco Love – artisan chocolate magic.  She is also a former model and from my observations an adventurous spirit.  Hailing from Byron Bay, Australia, she’s spent three years living in London and currently calls Sydney home. Her travels across the globe are evident in the mementos now displayed in her home. Her book shelves are lined with a vast array of subjects and her decor explores many avenues of spirituality and cultures. This girl knows what she likes, which is easy to tell from her simple but sublimely well-curated space. Nothing is overbearing or too showy, but every crystal, object, plant, book and artwork has been placed with thought and purpose. I’ve always admired her style (you should see her wardrobe!), and her effortless cool is easily carried into her interior as well.

Emica was kind enough to let us into her space, which she shares with her equally lovely boyfriend Max, an actor.  Annnddd…they might just be the most attractive couple I’ve ever met in real life. Read More