Bedroom with baby.


For the past 3.5 months we have been sharing our bedroom with a little (loud) person.  It’s so interesting the fine balance between loving and cursing this temporary situation. He’s grumbly and grunty and of course wakes us up numerous times throughout the night *sometimes only ONCE (!!), but really this has only happened a couple of times.  He has a super sweet nursery set up down the hall from us, but I’m not quite ready for him to be in his own room.  When he’s closer to us, it’s easier to know when he’s ready to eat and he doesn’t have to wake up the neighbourhood with his cries.  Of course, there’s the small chance that I may occasionally go to him to early when he could get himself back to sleep, but I’m pretty good with his cues now.  He’s outgrowing his bassinet anyway, so I don’t think I will have a choice in the matter soon enough!  I’m sure we will miss his sweet little sniffles and sounds.

Above: His view (I see his little eye peeking through to us sometimes, ha!).

Below: Our view


I just love his simple little sanctuary and I think he does too…even when getting him to have a nap during the day is a struggle 😉

I’ve kept it all white apart from his beautiful blue baby kantha quilts to keep him from getting distracted (*I had to cut down the mobile I had up when he was about 6 weeks old).  The vintage bassinet I found second hand for 50 bucks, the sheets are hand-me-downs from The Little Linen Company and then an IKEA mosquito net (20 dollars) for the look and the functionality of keeping Aussie bugs out in the summer!  His little slumber set-up flanked cozily between two white vintage wardrobes.

Photo: Jacqui Turk  Production & Styling: Nicole Valentine Don  Assisting: Kristy Lakomy

The picture shelf.


I noticed that the last few home images I was loving on Pinterest included a picture shelf.  I’m constantly contemplating whether or not to add one above my couch in the living room, but have never committed to it because it involves hammer drilling…and I only rent at the moment, though have drilled and painted my heart out already 😉

Anyway, how great does a little shelf look above the bed?  I love the kantha quilt in this one.


This bedroom is a cozy one, with what looks like vintage Pendleton fleece blankets – cute!b78e40ac69d4f8eb6ef2a4f6648d74ff

I love, love, love this picture shelf with all the black and white photography – which is both a bohemian and sophisticated look.  The layered bed is pretty dreamy too.


Simplicity is always nice in the bedroom.  Wood beams, wallpaper and mix matched linens.


These shelves are wider with a leather strap detail, but the idea is the same with propped up photos and art.


The kitchen is not the first place you would think of displaying artwork, but I love this look too.


This simple shelf looks great parallel above a bench.  You could do this in a hallway.

Well, should I do it…should I put one above my sofa?  Would you?  I will show you, if I do!

Photo credits: Style Files, vtwonenRemodelista, Cleo Sheulderman, La Bici AzulEGET ROM, AD Espana

Around this BoHome.


It’s been a while, a loooooong while since I have blogged, styled anything or been online much for that matter.  That all changed last week though, when I had a fun little shoot at my house and now have the ball rolling to get back into all of the above (at least that’s the plan!).  This is my new favourite corner of the house where I feed Remy at night in our fancy linen covered armchair from Jardan Furniture.  Swoon.  Moroccan rug is also looking mighty fine in that sunlight next to all the pops of green plants.

littlenicky-jacquiturk-4I love this capture of my cozy little kitchen and instagram seems to too- it’s my most liked photo on there by far as of today!  Follow along @little_nicki_  😉


Photography: Jacqui Turk  Production & Styling: Nicole Valentine Don  Assisting: Kristy Lakomy

Inside Out – Open for Inspection!

IOT0316_HOPEN_05 copy

Late last year I was lucky enough to be invited to Inside Out magazine’s ‘Open for Inspection’ open house.  The newly renovated home is located in Sydney’s northern beaches and it is a beaut!  Though all white everything is not usually my thing, I could totally appreciate the vibrance added by a fresh lick of paint from floor to ceiling.  Speaking of the ceiling, the exposed wood beams were hands down my favourite aspect of the design, adding an additional layer of airiness to the space.  You can’t see the view from these images, but rest assured, it was spectacular.  The home was built in a perfect symmetry internally and with the landscape; it was almost as if when you looked out on the balcony you didn’t know where the house ended and the outdoors began.  Something I found intriguing with the details as well, were the lights in this main room that all faced upwards, so as to reflect off the white ceiling and not be beaming down too brightly…something that irks me on the daily in my own little apartment.  This is one thing I would definitely consider if I were to own and do a little renovating myself one day.

IO_18bynyaroad_18 copy

The bedrooms were crisp, white, cosy perfection decked out in lush Sheridan linens throughout – yes, please!.  I wouldn’t mind waking up here 😉

IOT0316_HOPEN_09 copyThe master ensuite had some lovely, streamlined situations as well, such as the gorgeous grey marble and the *almost* clawfoot tub.  Yummm.  You can see there was no shortage of natural light with gorgeous, large windows in every room of the house.

Thank you for having me team Inside Out!

Photography:  Simon Whitbread  Styling: Maria Dyoniziak  Architect: Daniel Raymond