Delivering Uncommon Goods.

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Now that I’m a certified adult…you know married, with a baby, etc. I want to be better at gift giving, even for those ‘just because’ times.  I always aim to give something special, handmade or collected from a trip to an exotic land, but sometimes wanting to find something unique has me missing the occasion altogether. With the world at our fingertips now, giving unique gifts has never been easier and you can even have them delivered to your loved ones’ doorsteps if you can’t be in town for the party.  I’ve had a look through and found so many unique gifts in one place.

Uncommon goods are a company out of Brooklyn with a central focus on sustainability and an aim to showcase the work of both emerging & seasoned artists or artisans from low-income countries while building a community of passionate people who appreciate like values and creative design. There is a little story of the maker and place the product is made if you scroll down on most of the product pages. Read More

The Still Life.


I’m loving the contemporary still life compositions that keep popping up in advertising and my Pinterest feed.  I’ve rounded up a few that all include some sort of produce (my fave prop du jour), a seemingly random mix of objects or just the hint of something a little obscure. They are all a bit messy somehow and are reminding me of Irving Penn, though not quite as abject as his work, but still celebrating texture and the rawness of reality. There is the classic balance of colour and shape throughout of course, but I find something extra intriguing about each of these. Read More

Colour play.

Little Nicki_Bondi Colour Blocking_by_Luisa Brimble-13

You know when you go on a holiday and are inspired by everything around you?  It’s as if you’re seeing things for the first time because your senses are just more open and ready for adventure. Coloured buildings that look so incredible to you might go unnoticed by a local. Or perhaps not? As we walk around, our eyes admire colours and shapes all the time. I wanted to go on a mini-holiday in my own neighbourhood and celebrate the colours of the art deco buildings around Bondi and push the concept a bit further by purposefully introducing colours that look great opposite them, match the tone or simply add texture. The resulting images came about from a beautiful creative understanding with the talented Luisa Brimble. We are already looking forward to the sequel!

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