Me, my Shelf and I.

NICKI_STYLIST CHALLENGEI was lucky enough to be one of 6 stylists chosen by Inside Out magazine to do the shelf styling challenge in the July 2016 issue. Basically, they set up a set of lightly design shelves for each of us to style with a ton of product that was sourced for the day. We were able to choose our wall colour – I went with Dulux in ‘Loose Leather’ (love it!) – and bring in plants (naturally, I had lots to choose from), flowers, plus an artwork or object that we love. That’s it! The whole idea of not knowing what props we would have on the day made it seem a bit intimidating, even choosing a wall colour felt strange. They kept in mind that all of us would be drawn to different objects and have different styles, so there was a treasure trove of objects to play with on the day from shiny and new to quirky, natural, found and old. The challenge ended up being exactly as they intended- FUN! I’m so happy with my shelves and probably could have styled up 3 different sets I was happy with too.

0003714_inside-out.jpegIf you look closely, you can see I’m a cover girl too! Say what?! A childhood dream come true!

IO_160504_Nicki-65-Edit-2*I also got to bring something extra special with me – my little ten week old Remy.  Baby’s first day on set…and there have been more since then too. He’s a little angel at work :)

Photography: Craig Wall  Production: Alicia Sciberras  Styling: Nicole Valentine Don




Pretty in pink.


I’m loving this Gucci campaign featuring Lou Doillon in a pink wedding dress with a snake motif and a pink, lightly sequinned veil.  We actually had snake wedding bands designed and made, but didn’t end up getting them in the end…it kind of overpowered my engagement ring.  I did however have a pink veil!

20150329 NikkiChris 1268Treatment

See?  Same, same, but different.

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I brought my friends at Shibori these two above reference images from Pinterest and a white veil my mom had brought home for me from a thrift store in Canada.  They worked their magic and presented me with the most perfectly pink end result!  I only decided on the big day that I was going to wear it and I’m so happy I did.

pinkveilWedding photos: Jeremy Greive

Bedroom with baby.


For the past 3.5 months we have been sharing our bedroom with a little (loud) person.  It’s so interesting the fine balance between loving and cursing this temporary situation. He’s grumbly and grunty and of course wakes us up numerous times throughout the night *sometimes only ONCE (!!), but really this has only happened a couple of times.  He has a super sweet nursery set up down the hall from us, but I’m not quite ready for him to be in his own room.  When he’s closer to us, it’s easier to know when he’s ready to eat and he doesn’t have to wake up the neighbourhood with his cries.  Of course, there’s the small chance that I may occasionally go to him to early when he could get himself back to sleep, but I’m pretty good with his cues now.  He’s outgrowing his bassinet anyway, so I don’t think I will have a choice in the matter soon enough!  I’m sure we will miss his sweet little sniffles and sounds.

Above: His view (I see his little eye peeking through to us sometimes, ha!).

Below: Our view


I just love his simple little sanctuary and I think he does too…even when getting him to have a nap during the day is a struggle 😉

I’ve kept it all white apart from his beautiful blue baby kantha quilts to keep him from getting distracted (*I had to cut down the mobile I had up when he was about 6 weeks old).  The vintage bassinet I found second hand for 50 bucks, the sheets are hand-me-downs from The Little Linen Company and then an IKEA mosquito net (20 dollars) for the look and the functionality of keeping Aussie bugs out in the summer!  His little slumber set-up flanked cozily between two white vintage wardrobes.

Photo: Jacqui Turk  Production & Styling: Nicole Valentine Don  Assisting: Kristy Lakomy