Most Wanted List: Dina Broadhurst Art


When I first met Dina Broadhurst, I remember her telling me about her interior design work, nothing about her art, which has made it all the more intriguing for me to feel as if I have stumbled upon it on my own. You know when you start to take note of something here and there and then one day really hone into it and become a little obsessed?  That’s me, with Dina’s art…and I might have a bit of a girl crush too. Read More

Inside Out, Open For Inspection


I was again invited by Inside Out magazine, to step into a gem of a home on a quiet street in Sydney’s Queen’s Park.  I’ve always adored interiors and while waiting outside this house, having no idea what the inside would reveal, it actually dawned on me how exciting it was to be let into someone else’s home; and one styled up pretty as a picture no less.  What a treat!  Do you ever find yourself driving or walking past a cute exterior and wondering what it must be like beyond the front door?  I’ve had the pleasure of the real life version of that for this Open for Inspection.

This gorgeous home went even beyond satisfying a simple curiosity when a little surprise mystery unfolded of who owns the house and how I actually know him!  It was so thrilling to put the pieces together and figure out that my friend (through work) and photographer Esteban LaTessa and his young family live here…in some seriously nice digs.

Now, back to the house – I’ve mentioned before how a lot of these inner city semi-detached homes don’t offer a lot of natural light.  The owners need to get creative with how to allow the most light and nature in. A favourite feature of mine in this space was how they included a lovely, large window and garden wall in the kitchen.  If you’ve got dishes to do, you might as well have a view!  …I’ve always wondered to myself why my stove and not my sink is facing the kitchen window at home; seems like the obvious choice?


The floor to ceiling windows at the back of the home, out to the outdoor dining area let in more light and added some subtle drama with their beautiful black lines.  The house is dressed in a very neutral palette, in cool tones which made the place feel cozy bathed in the sunlight.  I wouldn’t be mad if that couch wanted to hang out my house…or that delicate Tracey Deep artwork…or any of the sublime West Elm decor.  I fell in love with this cushion (it has Little Nicki written all over it, no?) and all of the brass ornaments.  :::Swoon:::


The gorgeous couple.  Your place made me smile from ear to ear too 🙂

iot1016_hqofi_06And their little cutie Flo in her pared back nursery…you know I love a good nursery these days.

Check out the rest of this story and more in the latest issue of Inside Out magazine.

Photography: Maree Homer  Styling: Vanessa Colyer Tay

So(lange), so beautiful.

img_0089Scrolling though my instagram and seeing this image in my feed, led me on a search for the beautiful mind that captured it.  This gorgeous imagery is from Solange’s new album, which I haven’t listened to, but have heard nothing but rave reviews about.  I’m moreso raving about the photographer and art director Carlota Guerrero who worked with Solange on these stunning pictures.  Even though I’m usually drawn to and practice bold, bright, colourful photography myself, I just adore the muted tonal look of these visual stories.  If you check out Guerrero’s website you can see that she works a lot in simple colour palettes, bringing in all the subtle shades of only a few similar hues.  To me, this palette evokes such emotion…what about you?

img_0092img_0090img_0091solange-5_music_carlota_guerrero solange-4_music_carlota-guerrero img_0094      before-solanges-new-album-cover-carlota-guerrero-was-shooting-sensitive-nudes-body-image-1475264215There is a real filmic quality in her imagery as well; an imperfect rawness that adds feeling on feeling, so soft and serene.

Oof.  It’s love. I should probably check out the album now too…