Herriott Grace.


I learned about the humble father daughter brand Herriott Grace years ago and have followed their journey via instagram ever since. I love the handmade aspect of their products, the sweet family connection, the fact that they hail from Canada and that Nikole’s name is spelled with ‘k’. Ugh, so cool. My very favourite part of their story though, is the imagery that goes along with it.  I love the tones, the simple styling, the light, the colours – everything, seriously.   Read More



I’m obsessed with this image of Kaia Gerber for LOVE magazine, have you seen it? I’m loving anything that plays with synthetic elements lately. Re-imagining a bubblegum pink roll of bubble wrap as a head shawl is like playing adult dress-up or make believe. There is something really beautiful about elevating everyday materials or objects into the world of high fashion or art. It’s even more awe-inspiring when paired with natural components as well. This juxtaposition of function, form and place gets me every time. Read More