Draw what’s inside.


It’s no secret that I love interiors…visiting them, imagining them, re-imagining my own, daydreaming about them, scrolling through endless images of them online and in print, creating them myself for work and…I just adore a hand drawn version of an interior!  I stumbled upon this above beauty by artist Lulu deKwiatkowski and ended up down a rabbit hole of interiors paintings by masters of the medium.  I was even reminded of some (rudimentary) line drawings I did at university of my then apartment and dug them out of storage to have a look! Read More

5 easy steps to Getting Sh** Done


Jess has been super busy working on a big project, so ideas about productivity have been shooting around in her brain…  

It seems everyone is hustlin’ these days. In between work, family, social commitments and side projects, we are a bunch of do-ers who seem to be addicted to being busy. Everyone is on a mission to get sh** done.

‘Getting sh** done’ can mean ticking off that never ending to-do list. It can mean kicking all the goals with your family or collecting gold stars at work. Whatever area of your life needs a rocket up the tukus, you know there is no amount of motivational stationary or flowery inspirational quoting that will do it all for you. You have to look at that list square in the eye and take it on yourself.

Here are a few ideas that may help you get sh** done (GSD). Read More

Insta faves.


I’ve been loving the new(ish) feature on Instagram that lets you save your favourite images. Whenever I look back on what I’ve admired for inspiration, I’m always surprised at the gallery of colours and imagery that appears cohesive and somehow not at all random. I’ve rounded up a few of my faves for some pretty weekend scrolling and if you want to follow along with them too! Read More