Fig & Rosemary Hot Cross Buns


Our resident chef Jono Fleming is back and just in time for Easter!  He’s got a delicious hot cross buns recipe for us; they are a little bit fancy and apparently easy to medium on the difficulty scale for those of us amateur bakers out there. The trickiest part is letting the dough sit for an hour and half to rise, but all you have to do is distract yourself with something else – go for a walk, have a shower, do the dishes. Before you know it…ding!  Here’s what he has to say about them:   Read More

At the home studio of artist Lily Duffy.


I first met Lily Duffy at the place she works – PLAYA by Lucy Folk, a.k.a. the coolest new shop in Bondi Sydney. Lily is super friendly and has a knack of somehow making you feel like you’re the only person in the room. She is a little sprite with a killer wardrobe. After walking into the shop on a balmy summer’s day, she won me over by offering me a water…which I’ve since learned is their standard practice, but regardless, she had me at ‘sparking or still.’  She is an artist who paints really abstract, playful work inspired by nature and brimming with colourful, impulsive brush strokes and the occasional bit of glitter. She lives in an airy studio with stunning views of Australia’s most famous beach and I was lucky enough to be invited in for a closer look at her little slice of paradise. Read More

Trend Love: Le T-shirt.


If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I’m a huge francophile. I speak French, love French Cinema, food (especially les baguettes mixtes), wine, sometimes daily daydream about my next trip to France and would gladly live my last days on the Côte D’Azur. However, if we can’t all be french girls, at least we can jump on the trend of wearing french words on our clothing (and accessories).

Et voilà, le round-up of some options that are so frenchy, so chic: Read More

Think Pink.


There’s no denying that the colour pink has been putting a pep in our step for ages, nothing new there; is it just me or has it been having a bit of a resurgence though?  I feel like it has always been a bold, but refreshingly pleasant option when given the choice for almost anything – nail polish, wall paint, dress colour, flowers…

Lately, I am seeing pink being celebrated everywhere. It’s always been a go-to choice for me (especially at home) and I did own the sweetest half rusted little pin in the eighties stating simply ‘THINK PINK’.  Wish I still had that, of course. Read More