Night lights.


One of my favourite memories from my childhood on the prairies was the drive home from my abuela’s house at night; I would lie back in the passenger seat and just quietly be lulled by the coloured street lights against the trees and sky. I’m not sure if that’s why these long exposure images of traffic lights are speaking to me or if it’s the chilly Sydney nights or… Read More

Pinteresting fashion find.


Today on the blog, Jess shares a fashion find that she and her best friend (aka Pinterest) have recently stumbled upon… 

I like to think that Pinterest is a stylish friend of mine whose favourite pastime and raison d’être is hunting down the exact images I want to look at. She knows exactly the colours and shapes I want to see and she always fills me in on the most beautiful sights (and sites) in those moments at the end of a long day when all I want to is switch off my brain and lose myself in pretty things.

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I’ve been sick in bed allllll day, which is an awful feeling for anyone. I always have a hard time not feeling guilty for doing absolutely nothing or not planning anything. Even naps, I rarely enjoy because I’m not being productive. Anyway, I’ve barely had the energy to move and really needed to rest, so tried to gather inspiration while I was at it – RESTspiration. Like this series Second Nature series by: Lisa Sorgini. Read More