Photo (left) by: Fiona Galbraith

I grew up on the Canadian prairies of Saskatchewan, then Toronto and Calgary. My greatest love growing up was gymnastics; I was a competitive gymnast for 8 years. When I did gym, I never wondered what I was doing with my life or what else I could pursue, I just loved it THAT much. I feel blessed to have had that one unquestionable ‘thing’ in my life for so long and have been running around trying everything else ever since!

Photo (far left) by: M. Ellen Burns

I saw my first palm tree when I was 13 on a trip to Texas and went swimming in the ocean for the first time at 16 on a family vacation to Mexico. Ten days after I turned 18 (because I figured I was allowed to do anything I wanted then), I moved to Mexico. I worked at a resort in Playa Del Carmen on the Mayan Riviera, as an activity co-ordinator during the day and principal dancer, actor and back up singer every night, and I mean e v e r y night.

I am the most homesick traveller you will ever meet. I have always said that if all I had was my family (extended included), I wouldn’t need one friend (although my friends are pretty wonderful creatures too!).

Never have I bought a plane ticket that I’ve regretted. I’ve been all over North America, Asia, Asia Pacific and Europe. My next daydream destinations are India, Peru and Japan again (during cherry blossom season please!) anywhere in France again!

I am a lover of languages and have a pretty decent knack for them as well. I studied immersion French my whole school life, so 13 years. I taught myself beginner’s Russian from a book when I was 13, then went on to take intermediate classes. Spanish became fluent while working in Mexico and I studied Italian full time in Florence for 5 weeks.

I came to Australia in 2004 on a one-year working holiday visa; I was way more excited about the 3 month trip through South East Asia on the way home than I was about Oz at the time. However, something about this sunny, seaside lifestyle screamed out at the prairie girl in me – ‘this is R E A L and you can have it too!’ Somehow, I stayed. I went to university in Sydney and majored in Art History and Theory, which I gobbled up and adored.

I originally started this blog with the humble home in mind. After finding myself trawling the Internet for hours, day after day, looking at beautiful interiors, I began to notice there was a large portion of the interiors of the world left uncovered; uncelebrated. The corners of the world like the house I grew up in for instance or like an aunt’s house that may not be design-blog worthy, but it’s cosy and has that sense of home even more so. You know, those places where the magic happens!

Since then, it has evolved; this blog aims to share inspiration in the everyday, creative DIYs, repurposed objects (it’s fun to surprise yourself with what you already have at home), beautiful lived-in interiors and anything made with heart. Thinking outside the box is one of my favourite things- whether the idea is mine or someone else’s in the world.  I like cheap thrills people(!), like words that rhyme, happenstance and colours that look pretty together- this is what I want to share with you!

Since starting this blog, I have become an interior and lifestyle stylist in my own right; working for acclaimed stylists across Australia and having my own work published online and in Architectural Digest, Inside Out, Chatelaine, Yen and Frankie magazines.

I thrive on change, but am deep down afraid of everything. Like Hannah Horvath (GIRLS) I am the most scared person I know. Lucky for me, I learned early on to feel the fear and do it anyway. I know the repercussions of not doing something and I never want any regrets of what I didn’t do, SO, that is why I did backhandsprings on the beam when I was 8, I have jumped out of a plane (by myself), gone scuba diving in the Great Barrier reef despite crying in pool training, moved to Australia, started a blog and kept it going…yada yada yada.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWhat I really want to be when I grow up is an actress. I have been taking classes for years in both theatre and screen acting. That is another adventure I am always quietly pursuing and will keep you updated on here as it unfolds. Check out this little short for now.

Thanks for letting me share, I hope you will share too- please comment on any posts that tickle your fancy and remember, you can ask me anything!