Obsessed with: Victoria Zschommler photography


Currently loving the work of Australian photographer Victoria Zschommler, who splits her time between here and the UK after spending four years living in Europe. I’m especially in love with her collaborations with another Aussie expat making waves overseas – super florist Simone Gooch of Fjura. They both have a knack for pull at your heart strings still life imagery, which when they combine forces is just next level. I will let these¬†insanely pretty pictures speak for themselves. Happy friday, stop and smell the roses everyone.

2015_11_27_VZ_INPRINT_FJURA_s01_1-12-15-0009_R1 2015_11_27_VZ_INPRINT_FJURA_s03_062_R1_E 2015_11_27_VZ_INPRINT_FJURA_s04_031_R1_E 2015_11_27_VZ_INPRINT_FJURA_s06_030_R1_E VZ_FJURA_s01_024_R1_E1+25p+N VZ_FJURA_s02_036_R1_E1+25p+N VZ_FJURA_s03_016_R1_E1+25p+N

All images via Victoria Szchommler.