Inspired by: DESIGNLOVEFEST X Gorman


I’ve been following DesignLoveFest since I first discovered blogs yeaaarrrrsss ago now. It is the passion project of Bri Emery and never ceases to inspire. I especially love her honesty and openness when it comes to her personal life and creative process.

She has just shared the most amazing collaborative work with photographer friend Jesse Chamberlin and candid story of how it came to be, along with the concept behind the gorgeous, meticulously well-scripted shoot.

I met Bri when she came to Sydney to teach blogshop a few years ago. After the weekend course, a few of us went for drinks and she was headed to Melbourne the next day. It’s funny because my mind likes to remember that I recommended she check out Gorman while she was in town, because she would absolutely love it, but in actual fact, I think she stumbled upon it herself and shared that she loved it and I was all ‘oh, I totally knew she’d love it.’ Ha. ANYway, this story is a lovely full circle one where she has ended up directing the creative concept for an entire shoot for Gorman whose first store is soon opening in the U.S. I assumed they came to her, but loved reading that she took the reigns and actually approached them with her vision. Way to get shi* done girlfriend!

*Sidenote: I met Luisa Brimble this same said weekend and we have been inspired to shoot together ‘just for fun’ and push our own creative boundaries too.

gorman01 gorman08 gorman17  gorman34 gorman39 gorman44 gorman45

All images via DesignLoveFest.  Check out the entire story, here.