Most Wanted List: Lauren Bamford Photography


You know when you suddenly feel re-inspired by or newly obsessed with someone you’ve actually known for awhile? Well, I was lucky enough to spend the other week working with the incredible photographer Lauren Bamford (*she shot my house a couple of years ago now) and now I can’t get enough of her work! From shooting together I learned that she knows a lot about light and how to use it to really make her images sing. Her still life series with Stephanie Stamatis is so stunning, but it’s her unique approach to travel photography that I really, really love. She has a such a beautiful eye and captures the quirks of the places she’s visited so well, almost by celebrating the absurd and seemingly mundane. They all hold a special delicately playful quality. She shoots lot of film as well, which is mostly what I’ve been drawn to. 

Window+plantsWhite+shirtStreet+Garden Street+Garden+2

Naturally, I love her shots of Japanese sidewalk gardens.


Chris (my husband) described this one as ‘gauche’ and I find that description quite apt.

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There is something about the colours and light play in this photo that could almost make me melt; such a romantic feeling picture.

We have decided to invest in some art for the house (the work of friends and peers feels like the right place to start) and I’m looking at choosing a Bamford print or two. Can’t wait!

All images by: Lauren Bamford