Be Still, Life.


Last week, photographer Jacqui Turk and I caught up after a mini break and shot some fun still life images together. The only detail in the brief was ‘fruit’ and to have a play; here’s what we came up with on the day. Luckyily, my extremely talented friend and neighbour, ceramicist Alana Wilson shared a selection of her works with us for the shoot as well.

The funniest thing to me is how calm and still (of course) these pictures are…but, if only you could see the utter chaos going on around us. Mess everywhere and a baby rolling around below the tripod, hanging from our pant legs, eating our props… 

stilllife_NicoleValentineDonXJacquiTurk-2 stilllife_NicoleValentineDonXJacquiTurk-3 stilllife_NicoleValentineDonXJacquiTurk-4 stilllife_NicoleValentineDonXJacquiTurk-5

We ventured into more dark territory as well, which is still hard for me to fully embrace. My go-to is light and bright.

stilllife_NicoleValentineDonXJacquiTurk-6 stilllife_NicoleValentineDonXJacquiTurk-7 stilllife_NicoleValentineDonXJacquiTurk-8stillife_NicoleValentineDonXJacquiTurk-12

What about you?  Do you prefer light or dark?

Photography: Jacqui Turk  Styling: Nicole Valentine Don


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