Nest 1

Adam Powell is an incredible stylist & art director, while quietly carving out his name as an installation artist as well.  He also happens to be my very dear friend, always sharing with me his colourful and lofty ideas; the end results of which constantly exceed my expectations.  He thinks big and large scale projects do not intimidate him at all.  When I heard he was crafting an oversized egg and giant nest out of driftwood to shoot ‘just because’, you know that sounded like some kind of wonderful to me.  I love creativity for creativity’s sake and this project on top of Easter being one of his favourite holiday scenes to shoot, for him comes from a very inspired place.

Being the boy from the bush that he is, he’s harboured a lifelong fascination with nature and beachcombing, with the luminescent colours of vintage fishing floats being a favourite find.  He’s used that as inspiration to create some on a massive scale; whittling away at branches and painting them in fluorescent colours.  I was intrigued to learn a bit more about this stunning creation. 

Nest 2

“As a Sydney local, living in Bondi, everyday I see how humanity and nature live side by side in this little corner of the world.  I see whales breaching from my backyard; I watch migrating birds looking for a place to land amid the throng of weekend sun worshippers. The natural world is there, but at a distance from the busy thrum of human life.
In considering ‘Nest’, the viewer can refocus on the importance of the natural world and concentrate on nature -even if only for a few minutes.
Nest is about capturing a moment: Working closely with photographer Nathan Hendry we captured that moment at dusk, which is the time of day when the neons in Nest really come alive. It is the one moment of each day when this work truly ‘sings’. And a moment is all we have because the landscape and the world around us is ever-changing.”
Nest 3
 Happy Easter everyone!!

Photography: Nathan Hendry  Project, Production & Styling: Adam Powell