See Through Pictures.


There is nothing new about photographs shot through glass, but there really is something old-worldly about the way the that technique makes an image feel. The depth of shooting through glass adds a layer of charm…or something you can’t quite put into words. I just love the voyeuristic aspect of capturing a fleeting moment from behind a window.  It feels like a little secret shared with only you and the photographer. 


These flowers look like they are dancing.


At night, bright lights can add an extra magical quality.  A simple moment in time becomes a rare work of art.


These images lead you to wonder…who are these people and where are they going? What are they thinking?


Snow, sleet or rain take this imagery to an even dreamier place. Oh, the pangs of nostalgia for this prairie girl! I love the snow, pictures of snow, the smell of snow and one of my favourite things in the world is the sound of walking on snow in the movies.


The winning shots are almost always through a cafe or restaurant window.  The special allure can’t really be described, but it must have something to do with putting something between the audience and the subject that draws your viewer in and forces them to think deeper about what is going on in the image? Whatever it may be, it works in both modern (above) and vintage versions (below).


They both feel timeless.


Who’s that girl? This picture has such an uncanny feel about it.fbdb7072a62c606069a8a84d084ae0b7

This pretty woman seems even softer somehow.

What about you? Do you find something special about this style of image too?


Photo credits: 1)Christine De Grancy 2, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12)Saul Leiter 3, 9)Gueorgui Pinkhassov 4)Bruce Gilden 5)Ikko Narahara  8)Tom Craig