Think Pink.


There’s no denying that the colour pink has been putting a pep in our step for ages, nothing new there; is it just me or has it been having a bit of a resurgence though?  I feel like it has always been a bold, but refreshingly pleasant option when given the choice for almost anything – nail polish, wall paint, dress colour, flowers…

Lately, I am seeing pink being celebrated everywhere. It’s always been a go-to choice for me (especially at home) and I did own the sweetest half rusted little pin in the eighties stating simply ‘THINK PINK’.  Wish I still had that, of course.


Exteriors in pink have been around for decades, but there’s something about them that still seem so exciting and fresh, even a little bit mischeivous.


No brainer: Think pink sink, always.


Interiors in pink are so inviting and cool, like actually cool. Floor to ceiling being the coolest; gotta’ love it.


The colour works as a fun choice outside too. As if these pink lawn chairs wouldn’t be giving the rest of the beach seats a run for their money?


Finally, pink is never far from the three Fs: fashion, flowers and food. And art, apparently.

There is a youthful optimism intrinsic in this hue when you wear it, be it through clothes, accessories or makeup.   Plus, anything you can eat that is pink, seems like it must taste just like cotton candy, right?

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