Delivering Uncommon Goods.

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Now that I’m a certified adult…you know married, with a baby, etc. I want to be better at gift giving, even for those ‘just because’ times.  I always aim to give something special, handmade or collected from a trip to an exotic land, but sometimes wanting to find something unique has me missing the occasion altogether. With the world at our fingertips now, giving unique gifts has never been easier and you can even have them delivered to your loved ones’ doorsteps if you can’t be in town for the party.  I’ve had a look through and found so many unique gifts in one place.

Uncommon goods are a company out of Brooklyn with a central focus on sustainability and an aim to showcase the work of both emerging & seasoned artists or artisans from low-income countries while building a community of passionate people who appreciate like values and creative design. There is a little story of the maker and place the product is made if you scroll down on most of the product pages.

I meandered through gifts for plant lovers first and fell for a few things straight away. This botanical brass kinetic mobile would look great in the corner of my anyone’s home.

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A print like this one is really sweet and also a nice reminder how to care for certain plants if you don’t have a green thumb.

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I love this chakra soap set; all handmade in 7 colours and scents corresponding to each energy center of the body. Beautiful soaps are always a great gift idea, because they are the kind of indulgence we don’t often treat ourselves to.

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Speaking of soaps, these gemstone bars are almost too pretty to use!  What a great idea for a birthday – to give a soap that celebrates the birth month.

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I believe that you can never have too many kanthas at home. The best part is that they are all unique and handcrafted from vintage saris; meaning there is a history in the fabric that adds a richness to them before they even make it into your home. Because they are all one of a kind, it’s fun to wait and see what combination of colours and patterns you get.  I’m all about those cheap thrills!

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There was something about this wool cushion that I thought was really cheeky and cool: who doesn’t love champagne?  It could of course work in the kid’s room too.

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Agate coasters are stunning in their natural beauty.  I have some at home that I’ve tacked up against my window panes as pretty decoration amongst my kitchen plants.


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I checked out their extensive gift ideas range and naturally ended up in the ‘baby shower’ section, because babies are making my world go round these days. You can’t go wrong with gifting baby booties and I literally could not choose between these adorable fish or watermelon ones, both handmade from wool that is hand-spun, dyed and felted before being cut and sewn.

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A rattle is a no-brainer for a new baby too – we love anything ocean themed for our baby, so naturally I was drawn to these cuties. When they are done with rattling, these would look adorable displayed on a shelf in the nursery.

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Of course when looking for gifts for others, you can almost not notice a few things to add to your own wish list. I went a bit fancy, coveting a couple of celestial pieces. This raw edged moonstone ring is a fave, because a girl can dream, right?

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I love the moon and anything moon related, so was pretty into this crescent shape with diamond necklace as well. Le sigh.

This has been a sponsored post in collaboration with Uncommon Goods.  All words and opinions are my own.