The Still Life.


I’m loving the contemporary still life compositions that keep popping up in advertising and my Pinterest feed.  I’ve rounded up a few that all include some sort of produce (my fave prop du jour), a seemingly random mix of objects or just the hint of something a little obscure. They are all a bit messy somehow and are reminding me of Irving Penn, though not quite as abject as his work, but still celebrating texture and the rawness of reality. There is the classic balance of colour and shape throughout of course, but I find something extra intriguing about each of these.

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I LOVE this whole series by James Tolich for Incu. *above 3 photos.

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This collaboration between Lauren Bamford and Stephanie Stamatis – is SO beautiful.  I’m obsessed; the colours, light and feeling of it…I only just noticed the cigarette too.  Naughty ladies!

Little Nicki_Alana Wilson_by_Luisa Brimble-399

This was a fun little moment from Alana Wilson’s house shoot late last year with Luisa Brimble…and a quick and spontaneous attempt at a still life.  I would love to explore this genre further.

Speaking of still life, I have just got back into yoga after at least a one year hiatus…it was amazing to me how uncomfortable I was with being still.  Physically I was surprisingly fit, but I’m definitely not used to being present and calm.  #momlife

Additional photo credits: 1) Rebecca Bartoshesky, 2) here, 3) Ester Grass Vergara, 4) Bea De Giacomo, 5) Raw Color, 9) Lena Emery