At Home With: Chloe Brookman of Olli Ella


I first learned of Olli Ella, a company co-owned by two sisters living on seperate continents specialising in ‘design for the modern family’, through their cute, bohemian instagram feed full of inspiring posts. I even got a couple of their famous belly baskets last year – a must-have for setting up the nursery.  Chloe Brookman however, really came to my attention a little later on when she posted a photo of herself calmly lazing about in bed with her beautiful newborn.  I was at home with a newborn as well and was…totally freaking out!!!  Nothing casual over here – ha! Honestly, I don’t know if I was more impressed or jealous. When I reached out, she assured me it was because she has 3 kids, so has had a bit of practice.  I’m sure I will be testing that theory eventually…

Chloe has a lovely, colourful, ultra bohemian home that she lives in with her husband Charlie and yep, their 3 children – Tennyson (7), Arlo (4) and Nell (1) and dog Eshu. She was just as I hoped when I finally met her in person – barefoot, in a long white cotton dress with cool girl unbrushed hair – and was kind enough to invite us over to have a closer look at her plant loving abode.  


This gallery wall in a group of eclectic, collected frames and prints in muted shades was a favourite detail of mine in her home.  Impressive split leaf philodendron too, am I right?


This lounge room is actually the second in the house and was made from knocking down a wall which was once the third bedroom and opening up a giant living space which they lovingly refer to as ‘the white room’.  It is gorgeous and full of sunlight throughout the day; a vast, yet cozy space featuring gorgeous wool throws and a pompom cushion by Pampa, which look perfect with the plush berber floor rug.

Beautiful archways throughout the house are emphasised in pastel tones; a pinkish hue in the hallway here and a blueish grey in the living room.

CB: “Beyond the history (beautiful old Federation Home with all the original features) I love how airy it is, how the combination of the high ceilings and the doors on either end of the house allow for a breeze to carry through. The floors are light, and imperfect, from over a century of use, which we sanded and lime washed giving them a freshness.”

OlliElla_JacquiTurk-2 OlliElla_©JacquiTurk-4

Cactus goals right here.


This is a favourite nook of mine.  Another berber rug, this time in bold colours against the white timber floors and panelled walls at the front of the white room, plus a little slice of macramé heaven.


Piano and yes, that is a child’s sized peacock chair!


I loved this double desk in the boys’ room and that sweet little book crate.


The master bedroom was bathed in sunlight and cumpled linen.


Here is a view of the other lounge room. The story goes that Chloe admired these shelves from The General Store in Los Angeles and had Charlie make them for her.  Almost their entire house is an amazing DIY project.  They make quite the dynamic duo where Chloe is the creative director and Charlie is the braun.

What I loved most about their home was the lived-in feel of every single inch of their space. You really get the sense that they play, explore and learn together as a family from morning to night.  Chloe has great style, but nothing felt too precious about their house.


This is a very cute corner in the other living room with a bit more of a playful feel.  I love the pom-pommed cushions by Rachel Castle, the Slowdown Studio throw and the mustard Pampa weave looks great with the Olli Ella circular pillow.

CB: “Home to me means a place of love, of comfort, and of play.”

OlliElla_JacquiTurk-19 OlliElla_JacquiTurk-24

The entire backyard is another example of their DIY handiwork. It’s such an interesting space that feels a bit like a desert playground in the middle of the inner city. Plus, no watering or mowing!

Thanks Chloe and family for having us 🙂

What do you guys think of this boho haven?  Anything you can take from it for your space?


*In bedroom: Linen bedding by Bedouin Societe and linen flag, both from Koskela.  Boys’ room: Succulent print and cactus cushion by Oeuf from Kido Store.  On triangle shelf: Blue paper sculpture by Rachel Castle and cactus cushion from Kido Store.

Photography: Jacqui Turk  Styling: Nicole Valentine Don  Assisting: Ellen Arthur