At Home With: Emica Penklis of Loco Love

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Meet Emica: a naturopath, nutritionist, eating psychology coach and founder of Loco Love – artisan chocolate magic.  She is also a former model and from my observations an adventurous spirit.  Hailing from Byron Bay, Australia, she’s spent three years living in London and currently calls Sydney home. Her travels across the globe are evident in the mementos now displayed in her home. Her book shelves are lined with a vast array of subjects and her decor explores many avenues of spirituality and cultures. This girl knows what she likes, which is easy to tell from her simple but sublimely well-curated space. Nothing is overbearing or too showy, but every crystal, object, plant, book and artwork has been placed with thought and purpose. I’ve always admired her style (you should see her wardrobe!), and her effortless cool is easily carried into her interior as well.

Emica was kind enough to let us into her space, which she shares with her equally lovely boyfriend Max, an actor.  Annnddd…they might just be the most attractive couple I’ve ever met in real life.

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There is a really beautiful indoor/outdoor feel in the apartment with interior windows leading from the bedroom into the ample sunroom office.

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E: ‘This particular apartment I have only been living in for two months. The thing I love most about it, is my office, the huge desk surrounded by plants, a space where I can write and do my work. The afternoon light that filters in is quite dreamy too; I love that and the shadows it creates on the marble table. I also love my bed. I have found a new appreciation for good quality mattresses, after many sleepless nights and stiff neck while I was traveling and subletting. This isn’t my dream space, though its great for now and I am very grateful to have a place to call home.’

emicahouseLittle Nicki_Emica_by_Luisa Brimble-415

An eclectic, but meaningful mix.  Intriguingly, Emica’s home mixes style and genres with a strange fluidity based on her knowing what she likes.  A Rothko print, ram’s skull, palo santo incense and a Hindu God’s head all get along in this vignette.

Little Nicki_Emica_by_Luisa Brimble-406Little Nicki_Emica_by_Luisa Brimble-434

I loved this perfect little windowed reading nook with a love seat dressed in linen and a colourful Chilean textile. The boomerang adds a sweet anecdote to this well-travelled Aussie girl’s home.

Little Nicki_Emica_by_Luisa Brimble-109   Little Nicki_Emica_by_Luisa Brimble-135Little Nicki_Emica_by_Luisa Brimble-247Little Nicki_Emica_by_Luisa Brimble-757 Little Nicki_Emica_by_Luisa Brimble-206

E: ‘You know that quote ‘home is where the heart is’, well I used to think this rang true for me. This was until I found myself subletting random rooms in other peoples ‘homes’ I realised how important it is for my wellbeing to have a space to call my own. Home is somewhere I can go to relax, a sanctuary from the outside world and a place where I can be how ever I want to be. Its so important to me to have my own space, it inspires me creatively and I only recently realised how fussy I am about the way I decorate my space. I think as I have grown up, it has become more important to me to have a base. Travelling is so much more rewarding when you have a comfortable home to return to. You could say I am a homebody.’

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The interior windows feature in the kitchen as well, which was one of my favourite details of their space.

Little Nicki_Emica_by_Luisa Brimble-726

Her beautiful Loco Love handmade chocolates are as pretty as they are delicious. Each one is a work of art, filled with carefully chosen superfood ingredients; like little chocolate elixirs. They can be found at 60 different stockists around the east coast of Australia and would be the perfect treat for your Valentine if you’re a local. I’m a sucker for anything heart shaped and she’s made some really sweet (no pun intended) Valentine’s Day packages with a few little love heart goodies too.  Go old school romantic and get some for your sweetheart!

Thanks Emica and Max, I adored your sunny, loved-up abode.


Photography: Luisa Brimble  Production & Styling: Nicole Valentine Don