11 ways to put a rainbow in your room.


One of my favourite motifs that has lasted from childhood until today is the rainbow.  Though the colourful arches seem to work best in a child’s room, there is no reason you can’t introduce a little ROYGBIV throughout your home.

1) A simple wall chart looks great in the kid’s room or could be good to brighten up a shared space like the kitchen.


2) I’m obsessed with these contemporary paintings that have a youthful yet sophisticated quality.  They could work in any room of the house, from the office to the bathroom.

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3) Paint your own rainbow or show off a little one’s interpretation of one and have it framed.


4) This wooden mobile is a fun version to have hanging around.  Place in an open space or even against a wall.


5) A rainbow rug like this, needs to be shown off – hang it on the wall; above your bed or the couch.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 2.13.11 pm

6) A rainbow rug on the ground is an option too of course.  I love this semi-circle plush one for kids; the cut-out shape adds to its already whimsical quality.  This one is on my wish list for my baby’s room for sure!


7) Speaking of a baby’s room – how cute are these crib sheets?  It doesn’t get much sweeter than a hand-drawn rainbow.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 2.11.21 pmgoodie_roomsetting_07_1

8) You can never go wrong with cushions!  I love the top soft toy-like, cut-out one best 🙂


9) Brighten up your space with a neon rainbow light – get double the colourful fun with the rainbow floor reflection.


10) If you’re feeling bold (and preferably, you own your home), go crazy and paint one on the wall or even the floorboards!


11) The easiest, *safest and most adult way to rainbowify your place is to colour-code objects on a shelf; books are a good place to start, you can add objects amongst them in the same colours for added interest. Who knew how beautiful a coloured glassware collection could look by growing the same colours together?!

What about you?  Do you love a rainbow too?  Do you have any in your home?

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