Inspired by: Jean-Luc Godard.


Hello all!  I hope you all enjoyed some lovely holidays at home or away. We stayed close to home over here and had a ball; beaching, napping, eating, drinking, chatting, debating…and watching movies, lots of French ones, beaucoup.  With my heart rate turned down nice and slow, I felt really inspired by what I saw and took in from the few Jean-Luc Godard films we watched.  Aside from the beautiful women, stunning locales and overall romantic ‘Frenchiness’ (je ne sais quoi?), I was completely allured by the colours.  Each frame in his work paints the prettiest picture; you can tell Godard has a love for colour.  From my observation, his favourite combination is blue and red; a strong orangey red next to royal or powder blue.  My eyes were dancing from picture to picture, it’s a wonder I followed any of the stories at all.  *We watched Le Mépris and Pierrot le Fou, with Masculin Féminin, Une Femme est Une Femme and Le Chinoisérie waiting in the ranks.


This has got me really excited to create my own pretty pictures this year (and soon!) as well as watch more of his films (or stay awake for more movies in general) and also to bring what I see from my everyday into my work.  I walk around all the time using my eyes as a camera, capturing bits of inspiration in my travels…don’t we all?  I want to make something of that this year – to somehow share what I see with all of you.

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I’ve got those New Year’s feels, have you?  The ball is rolling…

À demain mes amis!

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