Most Wanted: Castle and Things.


I’ve been crushing on CASTLE by: Rachel Castle wares for some time now…if I could deck out my entire bedroom and my baby’s in it, I would.  Let’s not even start on her GoRgEoUs & fun linen collection right now though, top of my list are her felt embroideries.  OMG, yes.  I just scrolled through about 200 of them on her site (99% of which are sold) and honest to goodness, loved every last one.  I’ve been coveting one for like, ever, so have recently decided to invest in a special commissioned one for Remy’s first birthday (gives me time to save and decide what he’d like).

So, the classic look is colourful capital letters on white.


Sometimes on black.


Simplicity is really nice, especially rounded out with a love heart.


I just adored this over the top piece; it was definitely one of a kind!


On the other end of the spectrum was this bi-coloured option.  This is really nice because the colour is calm, but the words are pretty high voltage.


I love this random one.  Rachel is really great at random; owns it.


I think my favourite look is the skinnier lettering with a heart here and there.

21-heart-960web-942x1024I’m pretty much a sucker for hearts any time, anywhere.

Anyway, how good is she?  This is just one avenue of her artistic endeavours too!  She does linens, clothing, sculptures, prints, paintings…and she is pretty much a comedian- follow her instagram to have a gander at her creative goodies and a serious giggle at her daily musings.