Crushing on: Blue Velvet.


Sometimes I can’t tell whether it’s a funny coincidence that what I’m daydreaming of starts to pop up in my Pinterest feed or whether I only start thinking about it because I’ve been seeing it so much there first.  Anyway, we are on the hunt for an amazing armchair for nursing in and I wouldn’t be mad if I what I found was draped in blue velvet!  How incredible is this lounge below?!


Designed by Josef Frank in the 1940’s with such a contemporary yet classic feel.  I’m so into the cascading hues of the cushions- so subtle.  Why don’t we see this more often?  If I could find this (and afford it), this is my dream couch…but wait…I’m looking for an armchair.


I could score something at the thrift store, but I’m running low on energy these days!


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What about you; do you dig velvet furniture?  There something old worldly and romantic about it to me.

Photo credits: Apartment Therapy, The apartment, AnOtherDesignSponge, Dwell, Heidi Lerkenfeldt

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  1. hehe i learnt the hard way that velvet isn’t the best for nursing…. breast milk and spew matted velvet cushions…. ew x

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