House Plant Series.


I am finally getting around to sharing the images from this day back in May when Luisa Brimble and I teamed up at my house to decorate every space with plants for her #houseplantseries.  Though I like my styling a little rough around the edges, I don’t normally style photos with such reckless abandon.  It was quite thrilling (and a lot of work) to race through my rooms at home and dress them up with as much greenery as I could.  Luisa provided the rest with her vivid and always beautiful captures.  The idea was to show how simple it is to liven up a space with indoor plants and I think the imagery shows just that!

HPS_by_LuisaBrimble_0178 HPS_by_LuisaBrimble_0183 HPS_by_LuisaBrimble_0189 HPS_by_LuisaBrimble_0191 HPS_by_LuisaBrimble_0201 HPS_by_LuisaBrimble_0308 HPS_by_LuisaBrimble_0349 HPS_by_LuisaBrimble_0374 HPS_by_LuisaBrimble_0406 HPS_by_LuisaBrimble_0412HPS_by_LuisaBrimble_0519 HPS_by_LuisaBrimble_0509 What about you?  Do you have house plants?  My indoor garden is one of my favourite things; it’s jungle in here 🙂

Photography: Luisa Brimble


      1. Beautiful, I have at one time grown every one of these awesome plants. Right now I’m tiny house living. My green house is three times as large as my home 15′ x 8′. And will be finished in the first month of the new year. Most house plants are gorgeous, and will definitely have their place in what will be mostly a new home for food..

  1. Very nice pictures, very inspirational. I love too draw plants as well. They are beautiful and easely satisfied with some water, sun and earth. Greetings!

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