Little casa Large on plants.

Little Tienda_Lexi Lookbook_0074I thought I would share some plantastic outtakes from around my house on the day that Little Tienda took over mi casa, Lexi posed for pretty pictures and Luisa worked her camera magic.  It’s kind of funny because I never really realised that my house was so filled with plants until these ladies came over and were like ‘whhhhhooooaaaaa…’  Little Tienda_Lexi Lookbook_0076 Little Tienda_Lexi Lookbook_0080 Little Tienda_Lexi Lookbook_0082 Little Tienda_Lexi Lookbook_0133 Little Tienda_Lexi Lookbook_0228 Little Tienda_Lexi Lookbook_0376

Little Tienda_Lexi Lookbook_0377 Little Tienda_Lexi Lookbook_0389 Little Tienda_Lexi Lookbook_0548  Little Tienda_Lexi Lookbook_0552Photos: Luisa Brimble


  1. Hi Nicole,

    I love the plant that on the top of the book shelf, would you mind sharing the name of the plant?

    Lucy x

    1. Hi Lucy, thanks for stopping by! I’m not an expert, but I believe the plant you like is a type of Epiphyllum- a flowering cacti/succulent. I love it too, but mine has yet to flower.

  2. Nicole, I love love love your jungle home! I adore the makeshift ladder next to your bed where you keep books and trinkets and plants. Where did you get it from? Thea x

  3. What a beautiful plant-filled home. I love it. Especially the staghorn fern in the bathroom. I wish I had a window in my bathroom so I could place mine there as well. Beautiful blog

  4. Love all your planties! As well as your bedding. Where did you purchase your beautiful comforter/quilt/coverlet (whatever it may be)?!


    1. Thank you Bethany! The coverlet is a beautiful chenille vintage find from a thrift store in Canada – I’m glad you noticed it, I love it too 🙂

  5. Hi Nicole!

    I found your great blog on Pinterest. I’m in love with your house tour post. Was wondering what the plant is that is in the large terra cotta planter on the floor – it has a spotted variegation. I just love it! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Deanna! I wish I could you what that plant is called, I love it too! It grows so well for me indoors in indirect sunlight.

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