The Green Gallery: Issue 1.

GreenGallery_by_LuisaBrimble_0041The long awaited first issue of The Green Gallery online publication is live!  The issue is overflowing with gorgeous imagery and tales all stemming (that’s a pun 😉 ) from our human relationship to flowers.  I feel so lucky to have been a part of this inaugural issue, as muse to Luisa Brimble for her part in the magazine. Read her lovely interview (*tell me you don’t swoon at the proposal story) and our subsequent collaboration with The Flower Era, HERE.

Enjoy some outtakes from our sunny morning together:GreenGallery_by_LuisaBrimble_0080 GreenGallery_by_LuisaBrimble_0125GreenGallery_by_LuisaBrimble_0363 GreenGallery_by_LuisaBrimble_0374 GreenGallery_by_LuisaBrimble_0473  GreenGallery_by_LuisaBrimble_0328 GreenGallery_by_LuisaBrimble_0535Photos: Luisa Brimble


    1. Thank you Jan! I’m worried some of my wording has made you think that the magazine is by me though…looking into that now. x

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